Intrinsic Note Box Mumma Love


A gorgeous piece of paper is at the ready when Mum has Intrinsic's Mumma Love Notebox sitting pretty on her desk, kitchen bench, or table.

Featuring a gorgeous swing lid, adorned with shades of pink and yellow, sparkles of gold foil, and an uplifting quote by South Australian inspiration icon Adèle Basheer. Inside Mum will find individual sheets of blank paper with beautiful patterns decorating the borders.

It's one magical box with many wondrous uses, Mum can use her notepaper box to:

  • Slip a note to someone special
  • Jazz up those important reminders that sit on her desk, fridge, or pinboard
  • Leave a loving message in the kids' lunchbox
  • Jot down those quick to-do's and shopping lists
  • Scribble down her fave quotes or affirmations
  • A colourful alternative to a post-it note.

Run out of notepaper? Well, ta da! Mum now has a pretty little box to store her knick-knacks or jewellery.